Ben Fuson, Head Instructor of Pitbull Saber Academy

Benjamin Fuson

Pitbull Saber Academy, est. 2019

It is with a heavy heart, I announce that one of our own has passed from this world. Ben, former student of PSA and Head Instructor of Pitbull Saber Academy, has passed from this world earlier this week.

Ben was there on day one for us, supported and helped us grow and expand. He learned quickly and was more than excited to pass on all the skill, techniques and knowledge that he had learned. From intense sparring matches, to drinking Thursday nights at the Reef in Palm Springs, to competing in tournaments, to late night demonstrations at street fairs, and always willing to pick up a boffer and play spar with kids. Ben was a staple for us in those early stages of PSA.

When he left to lead and instruct Pitbull Saber Academy in Las Cruces New Mexico, PSA felt a little bit emptier. But in the time that he spent in Las Cruces, he gave the gift of Saber Martial Arts to those who were fortunate to sign on for such a new and novel sport. When I spoke with him one month ago, he beamed with pride with how his students had matured over the months and years he worked with him. He loved his students, he loved this community, and he loved Saber Martial Arts.

Ben, you will be missed. I enjoyed our talks, our debates, our matches, and all the time we enjoyed playing Black Jack at the bar. The Sabering community just became ever so dimmer without you in it. Goodbye. And May the Force Be With You.

– Secretary Nick Richardson, Head Instructor of Penguin Saber Academy

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