DE Saber Martial Arts

DE Saber Martial Arts (formerly the Masters Club of DE) was developed in 2002 as a system meant to blend fantasy lore with real-world martial arts.

Head Instructor Mark Stamegna started using the term “saber martial arts” to describe training with his best friend and fellow Star Wars fanatic in the 7 Forms of Saber Combat, inspired by the article “Fightsaber” in Star Wars Insider magazine to create martially-sound versions of the Jedi and Sith combat styles that capture our imaginations on-screen and in literature.

Combining decades of martial arts experience with decades of fandom, DESMA became one of the first 7-Forms systems of saber training on the East Coast.  After being contacted by Ascendant Steve Kirk of San Diego Sabers in 2015, we began sharing the term “Saber Martial Arts” colloquially with the SDS High Council and other saber instructors, recognizing that we were not alone in the world of “SMA” (our collective play on the acronym “MMA” for Mixed Martial Arts). And that our differences were just as valuable as our similarities, so long as we train with the philosophy of Martial Spirit. 

We are proud co-founding members of the Saber Martial Arts Foundation, and we are always looking to better ourselves through continued training, research, and development in the Mixed Martial Arts of Weapons Combat, SMA.

Classes: Currently in flux, but private sessions are held by email, and group classes/practices are generally Tues/Fri evenings and Sat mornings.
Ohio, Delaware and online.

Mark Stamegna