Outreach Liaison Mark Stamegna

Masters Club of Delaware: Head Instructor

Mark has a 3rd Degree black-belt in American Kenpo; MMA training experience; extensive & varied instruction in traditional martial arts weaponry of Asia, Europe, and indigenous cultures of the world. He maintains a particular interest in “ancient” fighting techniques, weaponry, and those of the American Indians.

He began developing and evolving one of the first (known) systems for 7 forms-based Saber Martial Arts (SMA) starting in 2002. Winning competitor, coach, judge, and/or commentator in numerous national and international martial arts championships, including the Battle of Baltimore, the AmeriKick Internationals, the US Capitol Classics, and the San Diego Sabers Nationals.

  • Martial arts training: Since 1993
  • Weapons training: Since 1995
  • SMA training: Since 2003