Our Force Ghost

Photo by: Keith Mylett of HSA

Steve Kirk (1970-2019)

Co-Founder of San Diego Sabers/Founder & Producer of F7 Production

Steve spent his life in the tech sector, in both technical and leadership roles.  While working for Fortune 100 companies such as Dell & Sony, he began working as a lead organizer for DEF CON in 1997, now the largest annual computer security & hacking conference in the world.  He built the Network Operations group, which included provisioning network services and designing A/V systems for hotel CATV broadcast, while also co-designing convention space layouts, providing team logistics, schedule planning, staffing, cost management, and interfacing with convention center leadership.  In 2013, Steve became Chief of Operations for the next two years, after which he retired from DEF CON.

In 2016, after building the Global IT organization for Sony PlayStation, he left Sony and started F7 Productions, initially to produce mid-tier Star Wars fan-films, and later designed, produced, and ran InterGalactiCon San Diego, a comic-con-like sci-fi/comic/cosplay convention.  F7 was a sponsor San Diego Sabers.

In 2018, he co-founded the Saber Martial Arts Foundation and provided production services for affiliated school events.

In August 2019, Steve passed away unexpectedly. The news shook the world of many loved ones and others that knew Steve.

He was a very passionate about sharing the love of Star Wars and saber combat to everyone he met. Even though the community has a lost an amazing mind and passionate being, the groups he co/founded, San Diego Sabers and Saber Martial Arts Foundation, have continued group activities in remembrance of Steve.

On September 14th, 2019, he received the title “Ascendant” by Battlemaster Eric. His official title in San Diego Sabers is Ascendant Steve Kirk

Steve’s Obituary