Kenny N.

Post Written by Secretary Nick R.

Happy Labor Day Everyone! Today we are bringing you another affiliate feature! Today we are showing off Kenny Novero from Phoenix Saber Academy!

Kenny has been an affiliate with SMAF since day 1, having been a part of one of the founding schools. He has a wealth of background in Martial Arts, starting with Tae Kwon Do then moving on to Kung Fu and even some Boxing! Kenny has fought at many tournaments throughout the sabering world with his last appearance landing him a podium finish at the PSA Open in their Honor Bracket.

When he isn’t slapping people with oversized glow sticks, he is a Martial Arts and Wellness instructor, continuing to pass on his knowledge to others. He is also a cosplayer whom is well known for his Darth Maul Cosplay, as well as his Kung Lao Cosplay. If you haven’t seen his stuff you should check out his Instagram, it’s an amazing scroll-binge!

Thank you so much for being apart of SMAF Kenny! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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