Founder Nick Richardson

Penguin Saber Academy- Founder/Head Instructor

Nick Richardson has 14 years of Olympic Fencing as a student of Leslie Taft at Desert Fencing Academy. Competitively a D Ranked fencer (mid-level) in the eyes of the USFA. Has also assisted coaching in fencing at the local community college at College of the Desert for 6 years. Primary weapon is Sabre (14 years of experience), secondary weapon is Foil (two years of experience), and is newly training in Epee (one year of experience).

In Saber Martial Arts, Nick spent 5 years with Knights of the New Order (Palm Desert, CA), three months as a student, one year as Makashi specialist instructor, and then three and a half years as head of council and head instructor.  In 2018, Nick and his students formed Penguin Saber Academy as a new SMA school.