Chf. Tech Officer Katie Main

San Diego Sabers – Former Council Member/ Wife of the Battlemaster

Katie Main is one of the former Council Members of San Diego Sabers. With no previous weapon or martial training, she was able to reach the rank as Season Padawan and was able to create/teach the Initiate/Beginners class, under the teaching of the Battlemaster and along side her Clan mates of Delta Bravo.

To continue her personal training in growth of weaponry, she began studying with the Eskrima school of Doce Pares in 2019. Even though she had to put a pause on her personal training, due to life events happening, she is now continuing her training under the tutelage of Master Albert Mendoza and Master Dovie Canete-Mendoza while she is living in Wyoming.

Katie has been part of the planning and creation of SMAF when it was in it’s infancy in 2018, and has taken the reigns of being in charge of the technical side of the Foundation when Ascendant Steve Kirk passed away in 2019. As of early 2021, she has become officially part of the Board of Directors.