Founder Battlemaster Eric Main

San Diego Sabers- Co-Founder/ Head Instructor

Eric began playing with lightsabers in 2001, with his first formal training beginning in 2005 in his hometown of San Diego, CA. Through local lightsaber groups, he trained specifically in lightsaber combat with his peers.  He was promoted to Knight in 2009, to Master in 2013, and Battlemaster in 2015.  The rank of Battlemaster conveys his mastery of all 7 forms of lightsaber combat.  Beyond lightsabers, Eric has trained since 2000 in virtually every form of sword weaponry.

In 2015, along with two others, Eric co-founded San Diego Sabers, where they began offering free Saber Martials Arts-based training to the public.  As head instructor of the group, Eric takes on multiple students personally, training one-on-one with each of them, while also guiding the training of all members in the group.