President Master Alan Venable

Phoenix Saber Academy- Founder/ 6th Degree master Instructor

Master Alan is a 6th Degree Master Instructor for United Martial Arts under the tutelage of Grand Master Michael Leone, Master Chris Dining, and Master Jason Campbell. He has had the privilege of learning from other Masters and Grandmasters throughout the years, from Grandmaster Jiang Jung Sung Baek and Grandmaster Pan, to Grand Master Jerry Cook and Master Ping Zhen.

In practice of 5 Animal Kung Fu, Baguazhuang (Sun Style and Emei Style), Tai Chi (Yang Style), Xing Yi Chuan (Sun Style), Wing Chun (from Yip Man), and Northern Shaolin Long Fist (from Yue Fei). All traditional styles. He also practices Chinese 18 Weapons Forms, Japanese sword, and exotic forms such as Eight Drunken Immortals, Northern Preying Mantis, Iron Monkey/White Ape Boxing, Kwe Ding, Northern Eagle Claw, and others.

Currently Master Alan is in process of earning Black Belts in Judo, Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Sho-rei Kenpo Karate, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun under the tutelage of Grand Master Jerry Dibble and the Late Soke Harley “Swift Deer” Reagan.